Language Skills Advice

How To Improve Your English Conversation Skills

Whether you are having a conversation in a classroom (school) setting, business or any other environment you need some skills to help you communicate effectively. Today, I'd like to discuss some of the basic things that may help you enjoy communicating in this beautiful language, English.

1. Listen, Listen, Listen and LISTEN some more
As it is with any other language, the largest part of conversation "input" is through the ears: listening. Therefore, in order to understand what is said by your conversation partner, you need to be good at listening. Make it a habit to listen to your English materials (book CDs etc), watch TV shows or listen to radio programs in English. The environment is a lot convenient now, with the emerging and spread of internet, you can basically access some English material anywhere and anytime.

2. Expand your vocabulary
Any language is formed with words (vocabulary) which we use to communicate. The bigger your vocabulary is, the easier it is for you to communicate in a wide range of topics. Not to mention, the funnier! Expanding your vocabulary is essential to your conversation abilities. The best way to expand and understand vocabulary is by understanding the words as used contextually (in a sentence) rather than individually. You may begin by memorising and practicing the whole sentences first and then change them to fit your situation.

Let's take a quick look at an example of understanding words in context:
1. run (v)
(a). My father runs in the city park every morning.
(b). My father funs a parking business in the city.

2. book (n); book (v)
(a). Please do not forget to bring the book and ticket about the play tomorrow.
(b). Do not forget to book your ticket for tomorrow's show.

Now, as you can see, words "run" and "book" in the examples have totally different meaning contextually even though they are spelt the same.

Again, …

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